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Variable area flow meters

RA 60 / FA 60

RA 65 / FA 65

RA 77 / FA 77

RA 87 / FA 87




Fields of use

  • furnace systems
  • chemical industry
  • food industry
  • water and waste water technology
  • swimming pools


Variable area flow meters with glass cone are used in all industries, because they represent a very cost-effective and reliable method.

Appliances with metal measuring tube (SGM) is the optimal solution at high temperatures and pressures. Because of the extensive electronic modules they are predestined in the processing plants of the chemical industry.

Devices with plastic cone (SKT / SKP / SKPVC) are the most cost-effective method for flow measurement.


  • water
  • air
  • transparent fluids

Operating principle

The float can easiliy move up and down in the conical measuring tube. The vertical position of the float, obtained as a function of the flow velocity of the measuring media, is an indication of the flow rate. This flow rate can be read directly on the scale of the measuring tube.
With increasing volume flow, the annular gap surface area A around the collar of the float increases (A2 > A1).


Kirchner und Tochter offers a wide range of well approved methods of flow measurement.

Variable area flow meters
Short-tube flow meters
Flap-type flow meters
Differential pressure flow meters
Bypass flow meters
Level indicators
Sight glasses
Electrical accessory equipment