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RA 77 / FA 77

  • calibrated borosilicate measuring cone

  • scales specific for the media to be measured

  • armature made of plastic

  • perspex half-shell as shatter protection

  • reliable due to simple mode of operation

  • resistant against aggressive media

  • cost-effective

  • optionally limit value switches

Design and applications

Measuring units RA 77 and FA 77 are based on the variable area float principle.

The flow meter consist of a PVC armature with a measuring cone made of borosilicate glass. With these design features the RA 77 / FA 77 devices combine the advantages of the classical VA flow meters with those of pure plastic measuring devices: Cost-effective, resistant against almost all aggressive media, as well as a high accuracy of the measuring glass, which can be calibrated to suit any requirement. Especially with water and aggressive media this design has proven itself. Therefore the RA 77 / FA 77 are frequently used in the chemical industry and in water treatment plants.

By installation of electrical limit value switches, which are adjustable throughout the entire measuring range, this devices can be used as detectors.

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