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  • all-metal device, indication via magnetic coupling

  • high resistance to pressure and temperature

  • DN 15 to DN 100

  • low pressure loss

  • optionally

    • limit value switches

    • analog output 4 – 20 mA

    • explosion-proof design

    • PTFE liner

    • horizontal installation

Design and applications

The function of the SGM is based on the variable area float principle.

In all cases where a dependable device is required for indicating instantaneous values and monitoring the flow in pipelines, the SGM is the obvious choice as a reliable device for measuring the flow of liquids and gases. Since the vertical position of the float is transmitted magnetically to a dial gauge, the SGM, as opposed to standard type variable area flow meters with a glass tube, is also suitable for measuring the flow of opaque media. Each device is individually calibrated to meet customer specifics and fitted with a medium specific scale.

For process control, the flow meter can be equipped with a limit value switch and/or measuring transmitter with electrical analog output.

Variable area flow meters

RA 60 / FA 60

RA 65 / FA 65

RA 77 / FA 77

RA 87 / FA 87