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  • VdS approval no.: G 4990049

  • all flow directions possible with one device

  • mounting position freely selectable

  • dial gauge pivoting by ±180°

  • five different nominal width

  • measuring accuracy 2,5 % at the approved FS value

  • optionally

    • indicator with scale in percentages (SMB-OE)

    • decoupling of indicator part and orifice

Design and applications

The sprinkler measuring orifice SMB is used for flow measuring in stationary sprinkler systems.

The device works according to the principle of differential pressure.

The SMB is integrated into the pipeline as an intermediate flange assembly. A differential pressure occurs at the orifice, which is proportional to square of the volume flow through the pipeline. The differential pressure is indicated by a differential-pressure gauge. Scaling of the pressure gauge is in flow units. The pointer position immediately indicates the current volume flow rate through the pipeline. The measuring orifice SMB-OE displays the differential pressure as a percentage value on a pressure gauge. The operator can read the equivalent volume from a label fixed to the pressure gauge.

Thanks to its particular articulate design, integration of the SMB is possible in any flow direction. The display pivots by 180 degrees in both directions. Optionally, where there is mechanical vibration, orifice and pressure gauge can be decoupled by means of the Minimess hose connection (pressure gauge for wall mounting).

VdS approval

The SMB has been approved by the VdS damage prevention for use in stationary sprinkler systems.

Differential pressure flow meters