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Flap-type flow meters




Fields of use

  • mechanical engineering
  • furnaces systems
  • chemical industry
  • water and wastewater technology
  • power plants
  • gravel extraction
  • building and swimming pool technology


Reliable measuring devices even for large flow rates in numerous versions with limit switches and electronically measured value transducers. The devices are used in water treatment plants, power stations, to monitor cooling processes, and in building technology and swimming pools.


  • water
  • air
  • liquids
  • gases
  • non-conductive fluids (mineral oils, demineralised water)
  • highly viscous media
  • fluids with a hight content of solids or gas

Operating principle

The primary measuring element of the flow meters is a flap, which is deflected by the flow of the medium. The deflection angle is a direct indication of the flow through the pipe.

In the KLA the flap is gravity-loaded, so that the device may be used for the flow directions left to right, right to left and bottom to top.

In the variant KLA-GS the fluid is directly observed through a sight glass.

In the KFS the flap is spring-loaded, so that the device may be also used for the flow direction top to bottom.


Kirchner und Tochter offers a wide range of well approved methods of flow measurement.

Variable area flow meters
Short-tube flow meters
Flap-type flow meters
Differential pressure flow meters
Bypass flow meters
Level indicators
Sight glasses
Electrical accessory equipment