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  • suitable for H2O, acids, alkaline solutions and gases

  • spring-loaded flap

  • horizontal or vertical direction of flow

  • largely independent of viscosity

  • optionally

  • limit value switches

  • analog output 4 – 20 mA

  • explosion-proof design

Design and applications

The measuring device operates largely independent of viscosity and is suitable for indicating the flow rate of water, acids, alkaline solutions and gases.

Every device is calibrated to customer requirement and fitted with a product-specific scale.

The 50 mm thick ring features a half-round plate that is fastened to a rotating spring-loaded spindle. The angle between flap and ring changes according to the rate of flow, and a breakaway-proof magnetic coupling transfers the movement to an external pointer (operating principle).

For process control purposes, the measuring device can be equipped with limit value switches or a measuring transducer with electrical analog output.

The standard indicator is housed in a round stainless steel casing with bayonet lock and can optionally be equipped with limit value switches. The casing of the indicator part with integrated 4 – 20mA output is constructed of die-cast aluminium.

Flap-type flow meters