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  • compact design

  • simple operation

  • installation between flanges as per
    DIN EN 1092-1

  • internal and external threads as per
    DIN EN ISO 228

  • pipe union as per DIN EN 10226-1
    (ISO 7-1)

  • monitoring span 1:3

  • micro switch (N/O)

  • high overload withstand capability

Design and applications

The DDW-DS31 flow monitor is used for monitoring the flow of water, oils, and neutral liquids.

The device works according to the principle of differential pressure. The differential pressure at the orifice is proportional to the square of the volume rate of flow through the pipeline. The user mounts the orifice between flanges or with Rp pipe unions into the conduit. The unimpeded, straight tube length has to be 6 DN before and 4 DN behind the mounting position.

The DS31 flow monitor contains a rugged and uncomplicated diaphragm system. The differential pressure generates a unilateral force at the membrane which moves the diaphragm system against the measuring range springs. The resulting displacement activates a micro switch. The user sets the switch locally by a hand wheel in the range of 30 – 100% of the flow span.

Differential pressure flow meters