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  • break proof and corrosion resistant

  • radially removable

  • special scales for air, NaOH and HCl

  • cost effective

  • floats of synthetic materials and inserts made of PVDF

  • optionally

    • limit value switches

    • analogue output 4 – 20 mA

Design and applications

The plastic flow meters SKT, SKP and SKPVC are based on the variable area float principle.

The flowrate is indicated on a scale printed on the measuring tube by the indicator edge of the float. The indicator edge is identical with the largest diameter of the float. The standard scale has been designed in l/h and in % for the medium water (20┬░C) and has two adjustable nominal value indications. Special scales for other substances are available on request.

By installation of electrical limit value switches, which are adjustable throughout the entire measuring range, this devices can be used as detectors. By installing an linear displacement sensor an output signal can be generated which is proportional to the height setting of the flow meter.

Variable area flow meters

RA 60 / FA 60

RA 65 / FA 65

RA 77 / FA 77

RA 87 / FA 87