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Level indicators


  • measuring tube made of borosilicate glass

  • device with stainless steel protection tube

  • two different versions available

  • reliable due to simple mode of operation

  • media specific float

  • optionally

    • explosion-proof design

    • limit value switches

Fields of use

  • everywhere for level measurement of liquids in open or closed vessels

Design and applications

The devices of the NA and NA-V4A model series operate according to the principle of buoyancy. They are designed for vertical installation only.

Consisting of display, flange, float tube and float the NA serves as a level indicator for e.g. underfloor installation liquid container.
The level indicator NA-V4A, consisting of a stainless steel sleeve, a float tube made of borosilicate glass and the connection heads, is mounted outside of the tank.

Each device contains a measuring tube made of borosilicate glass and is custom-made with the desired connection geometry.

With the installation of electrical limit value switches that are adjustable over the entire measuring range, the devices can also be used for remote monitoring.


  • water
  • oils
  • alkalis
  • acids

Operating principle

The level indicator NA consists of a display part, a pipe and a float which are installed in the tank. The float is permanently connected via a connecting rod to the magnet holder in the display part. When the level in the tank rises, the float and the rod are forced upwards by the buoyancy force, and the filling level can be read from the display.

The level indicator NA-V4A operates on the principle of communicating vessels, and is mounted outside the tank. It is connected to the tank via a feed pipe and an overflow. When the filling level in the tank rises, it also rises in the measuring tube.


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