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  • no power requirement for indication
  • for water, oils and liquids
  • vertical or horizontal installation
  • spring-loaded measuring piston
  • display 360° rotatable
  • wetted parts made of stainless steel
  • optionally
    • limit value switches

Ausführung und Einsatzbereich

The VSD flow meter is used to monitor the volume flow of liquids such as water or oil. Each device is calibrated to meet the customer‘s specific needs and is given a scale to match the medium being measured. In the measuring cylinder, a spring-loaded piston plate, is attached to a push rod. The piston plate moves upwards according to the flow rate. A break-proof magnetic coupling transmits the movement to an external pointer.

The standard indicator is designed as a round stainless steel housing with bayonet lock and can be optionally equipped with limit switches.


Flap-Type flow meters