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  • pressure resistant armature for vertical installation

  • wide range of measurement

  • designed for easy maintenance

  • for flow measurement of liquids and gases, with NBR-lining for acids, alkaline solutions and aggressive gases

  • wide range of available materials

  • temperature resistant up to 150 ┬░C

Design and applications

The measuring unit SGA is based on the variable area float principle.

Wherever a robust and reliable device for the indication of momentary values and the monitoring of flows in pipelines is required in plant engineering, the SGA is the right choice as a reliable unit for the measurement of liquids and gases. This flow meter is available in a variety of cast iron versions for the application with various media and pressures.

The measuring range for H2O is 0.012 – 0.12 m3/h to 12 – 120 m3/h, the measuring range for gas is 0.15 – 1.5 to 100 – 1000 m3/h air at STP. Each unit is calibrated to meet the requirements of the respective customer and is fitted with a scale specific for the media to be measured.

Variable area flow meters

RA 60 / FA 60

RA 65 / FA 65

RA 77 / FA 77

RA 87 / FA 87