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Manufacturing facilities

Here you can see a selection of our modern machine equipment and our production plant.

Glass tube manufacture

One of our core competences is our own production facility for tapered glass tubes. Borosilicate glass supplied by SCHOTT AG is used on an exclusive basis. The tapered glass tubes for our measuring devices are made in a thermal process from tubular glass. The tapered measuring glass is scaled according to customer wishes and fixed by way of a further thermal process.

In November 2020, our new, partially automated glass forming machine was put into operation. The new machine continues to guarantee the consistently high accuracy of our measuring glasses, which is also another quality feature for you as a customer.

The previous glass forming machine is still in operation. Thus we have an adequate second pillar and in case of a possible production bottleneck we can fall back on the old production process at any time. Both processes offer us a secure perspective in glass forming for the coming years.

Calibration rig

All flow meters for air and gases are calibrated on the Kirchner und Tochter test rig based on PTB (Germany’s Federal Institute of Physics and Metrology) proved masters. The masters are the following:

A. Sonic Nozzle Calibration System

Sonic Nozzles rank internationally among the best and most accurate flow transfer standards.
Measuring range: 1 m³/h – 1.200 m³/h
Uncertainty (standard): 0.28 % of flow rate
Uncertainty (expanded): 0.56 % of flow rate (k=2)

B. Laminar Flow Elements

Laminar Flow Elements are the ideal transfer standard for measuring low gas flow rates.
Measuring range: 0.3 l/h – 5.500 l/h
Uncertainty (standard): 0.21 % of flow rate
Uncertainty (expanded): 0.42 % of flow rate (k=2)

Advantages of both measuring systems:

  • No moving parts, therefore no abrasion, resulting in long-term accuracy and repeatability
  • Traceability to national and international standards (PTB)
  • Flow rate not affected by downstream or disturbances                           

The test rig is incorporated in the in-house network. Therefore, after the customer’s order has been entered in the ERP system the user can access the customer-specific calibration data directly from the test rig. A set of physical formulae stored in the calibration rig´s computer system converts these data instantly to the customer-specific scale and transfers them to the computer that generates the scales. This electronic data transfer system prevents transmission errors that may otherwise arise through manual operation, and so renders an important contribution towards quality assurance for Kirchner und Tochter flow meters.

Small water calibration stand

Flowmeters for liquids up to 3 m³/h are calibrated on the small water test bench. As a reference we use three Coriolis mass flowmeters.

Measuring range 0.1 – 3,000 l/h

Measurement uncertainty 0.035 %

Advantages of the measuring system

The measuring principle is independent of the properties of the medium, e.g: 

  • the conductivity
  • the flow profile 
  • density
  • the viscosity
  • the temperature

This means that almost all substances can be measured, for example

  • Oils and fuels 
  • Cleaning agents and solvents
  • alcohols 
  • Acids and alkalis

The test bench is integrated into the internal Kirchner und Tochter network. The measured value data of the calibration stand is transmitted electronically to a computer and stored on the server. This data is retrieved by the scale computer and forwarded by means of electronic data transmission. This prevents errors that could occur as a result of manual operation. This is another important contribution to quality assurance at Kirchner und Tochter.

CNC-lathe CTX beta 800

Our CTX beta 800 is a 2-axes universal lathe with a turning length of  800 mm, and is additionally equipped with a C-axis and a Y-axis.  This machine operates with a Siemens Sinumerik 840D ERGOLine CNC control system.

The CTX series defines a new standard in the field of universal machining, while the new design clearly emphasizes the claim for uniqueness.  Calculated construction measures have, among other things, created more working space without having to enlarge the space requirement for the machine.

The driving power is 34 KW. Our machine is equipped with a hydraulic partially hollow clamping device and a hydraulic C-axis and Y-axis and spindle brake.

This machine enables optimum machining of our workpieces up to a turning diameter of 410 mm. Our CTX beta 800 has a new design for best ergonomics, with a large window for optimum viewing into the working space and the cutting process. Kirchner und Tochter thus guarantees maximum production quality for their flow meters.

CNC-lathe DMU 60 FD duoBlock

The combined milling-turning machine with DirectDrive technology for complete processing with up to 1,200 rpm is a compact duoBlock of the 3rd generation.

Our machine combines two processes in one thanks to 5-axes simultaneous machining. The complete machining with 5-axes simultaneous milling and turning in one single fixture setting stands guarantee for highest precision and is time-saving at the same time.  Using this process, for example, our KLA and KFS series are manufactured in 2 clamping set-ups at the most.  Smart control systems are essential parts of the machine if mechanical performance is to be converted into maximum efficiency in the process, highest precision on the component part and optimal user friendliness. Kirchner und Tochter is, accordingly, able to manufacture high-value quality components at optimum cost with this machine.

The most important characteristics in summary:

  • milling and turning in one clamping operation with DirectDrive table with speeds of up to 1,200 rpm-1
  • electronic balancing with Siemens 840D solution line
  • 5-axes simultaneous machining with NC round table and controlled B-axis as standard

The construction of the duoBlock stands for ultra-high accuracy, dynamics and optimum accessibility to the working space. Our tool-chain magazine is equipped with 40 places.

Pressure and leak tests

Within the scope of final inspection and testing at Kirchner und Tochter, every device undergoes a pressure resistance test to the extent required by the EC Pressure Equipment Directive.

Our pressure resistance test rig is designed to test devices up to a nominal diameter of DN 400 and a maximum overall length of 600 mm. With the aid of accessory components, Kirchner und Tochter are able to test devices with a nominal diameter of up to DN 600.

The devices are tested with 1.5 times the maximum operating pressure.

In addition, all devices produced by Kirchner und Tochter undergo a leak test prior to despatch. The leak detector allows automated testing of component parts for leak tightness by means of applying pressure and then measuring the leakage rate.

Scale manufacture

To make the scale we use a print system consisting of an ink- jet printer, special software, a heat-hardening ink, and a drying oven. This allows scales and nameplates to be made in a wide variety of sizes. The print system can inscribe everything from metals right through to flexible plastic film. Accordingly, we have no problem to meet special wishes in regard to scales. Scales for the KLA and KFS series are in the first place produced.

On top of everything, the process is environmentally friendly since the ink is water-based and free from solvents. Another special point is that the ink is extremely stable after it has set.

Powder coating plant

All steel parts required for our flow meters are coated in our new powder coating plant in RAL 5017, traffic blue. Powder coating offers a high-quality surface finish, excellent impact, scratch and abrasion resistance, plus above-average chemical resistance. In a further production step the new plant is extremely eco-friendly, since the coating process is solventless and emission-free. The coating window measures 1 m x 1 m and the system can manage weights of up to 200 kg.

Our plant is constructed as a circulation system, so that in peak periods we are also able to coat very large piece numbers in one day. Compared to the former method, this allows us to reduce the delivery times for larger piece numbers, which ultimately is also of advantage to our customers.


Kirchner und Tochter not only produce the flow meters mechanically, they also assemble them. Therefore, work can be carried out according to the individual wishes of the customer and provides for the greatest possible flexibility in terms of delivery times.

Following assembly, all devices undergo pressure and leak tests, and before being dispatched also undergo thorough final inspection.