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Conversion operating condition

You are operating a variable area flow meter calibrated for

  • a particular medium
  • a particular pressure
  • a particular temperature

You now plan to work under different conditions and you require the effective flow rate. Here, the conversion of the volume is based on the volume at operating conditions (volume flow rate).

Enter the previous values for which your unit was calibrated and, if so desired, select a different unit of measure. The calibration values for gas devices can be found on the glass gauge.
Next, enter the values for the new medium or for the modified operation data, respectively.

By pressing Enter or exiting the input field, the calculation is started.

The new flow rate value is displayed in the bottom line. It is rounded to four digits following the decimal point.

calibration new values
Medium Densitiy at STP:
Operating pressure:
Operating temperature:
Read-off flow rate:
Effective flow rate: at operating conditions