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The MSKW is used for monitoring target quantities in process plants, on industrial furnaces and for level monitoring.

Among others, our variable area flowmeters of the RA and FA series, SGK 1-3, DST as well as the level indicators, such as the NA-V4A, can be equipped with MSKW contacts. In this way, remote monitoring of limit values can be realized in addition to on-site flow and level indication.

With the update, the MSKW are available in two versions.
As a new standard, the housings are manufactured in fiberglass-reinforced polyamide.
Optionally, the housing is available in stainless steel 1.4404.
At the same time, the overall length has been shortened by 11 mm.

The new, more compact MSKW performs reliably and is fully compatible with devices with limit switches already in use.