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GKN rank among the world market leaders for products made of sintered metals and used in numerous industrial sectors, such as the automotive industry, automation technology, medical engineering and renewable energy resources.

GKN Sinter Metals S.P.A., Italy, use our devices in the quenching bath area of their hardening plants.

Thanks to its rugged and fail-safe design the KLA-EM flap-type flow meter is the optimum device for this type of service.

The KLA-EM is equipped with a 4 … 20 mA transmitter for telemonitoring purposes. The output signal is filtered and linearized for dependable representation of the measured values.

The flow meters are installed in both the heating and the cooling circuit of the oil bath and have been doing their job faultlessly since July 2015. The flap-type flow meters work perfectly in oil temperatures up to 90°C and ambient temperatures up to 70°C.