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The supplementary instructions for the EMZ Flow totalizer Module for our KFS-EMZ flap type flow meter and our SGM-EMZ variable area flow meter are now also available online in German and English.


The flow totalizer module EMZ – in addition to the display of the current flow rate ? allows the acquisition of an absolute flow amount.


A passive graphic-LCD displays measurement with units and/or counter reading with units. 

The max. 11-digit counter reading is equipped a with power failure proof storage. 

Limit value status displayed via binary flags and measurement via 0 … 100 % bar graph.

Furthermore NE107 diagnostics status symbols are shown and the configuration menu is carried out in plain text. 

There are two configurable binary outputs for switch or pulse output and a binary input for start/stop or reset the counter included. 

The power and data connection between ESK4 and ESK4-IO via a supplied ribbon cable.

Supplementary assembly and operating Instructions for Flow totalizer Module EMZ