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Ladies and Gentlemen,

As a longstanding customer you will know that we have always been flexible and reliable suppliers. This will not change in the future – in particular this will not affect our high standard of quality.

We have greatly optimized our production facilities, with the result that we have attained a higher level of efficiency and modernity. We should like to pass these production advantages on to you. In other words:

Having held the prices steady in the last year, we can offer this year from the 1st April 2016 some type series at more favourable prices and others at existing prices. However, with some devices we cannot avoid raising the prices to a minimal extent. On request, we shall be only too pleased to quote for flow meters that meet your needs.  

Prices that are specified in quotations or confirmed in order confirmations up to the
30th March 2016, respectively, remain valid for the period of validity of the quotation and/or up to the time the account is rendered.

We look forward to continuing our good cooperation with you.